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Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
Senior Physiotherapy

Mountain Therapy Services LLC provides client-centered stroke and brain injury rehabilitation in your home and via telehealth, so that you can focus on what is most important to you during your rehabilitative process and in the most natural context… where you work, play, and retreat. 

How Can Occupational Therapy Help Me?

If your daily activities (i.e. dressing, cooking, driving, managing a schedule) prove more challenging due to:  

changes:  impaired problem solving, attention or memory
Physical challenges:  weakness, problems with coordination, or impaired balance
Visual and Perceptual Impairment:  visual field cut or neglect of one side
Sensory Impairment:  body awareness or reduced feeling in your arm/hand

then you would benefit from an Occupational Therapist on your Rehab Team!
Occupational Therapists are skilled and trained to improve your skills and performance in these areas to help you succeed!  Occupational Therapists center your rehab around your "roles" and "occupations" and the skills you need to perform each of these as independently and safely as possible. 

What does an Occupational Therapy session look like?

Outpatient Services in your HOME

  • OT comes to you in person or via telehealth on your computer- your choice
  • No need to travel
  • Convenient and practical, using your own home items and in your own environment.  No need to simulate in a clinic what you would like to work on
  • Your goals are our priority and get utmost attention
  • Providing home safety and fall risk assessment
  • Instruction in evidence based home exercise program with goals and upgrades as you improve

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